ask ingenuity girl

Hello there.  So glad you’d love to talk to me!

Got a question about a DIY project you’re working on? Well, I’m honored you’d think to ask me!  I’m working on a project gallery, but until then, send me your question at and I will see what I can do to answer you.

Want me to feature your latest and greatest project?  Send me a link to what you have been doing – I would love to show it off!  Feel free to send your link to  for consideration!

Are you interested in becoming a sponsor? I am working on this and would love to hear from you!

Are you looking for decorating advice on a space you’re struggling with?  I love solving design dilemmas!! Send me your questions, problems, pictures even, and we can talk shop. We will figure out what it takes and go from there. You can also check out my design website at

If you just want to get social, find me on Facebook, and Pinterest too!   If the above didn’t answer your questions, or you just want to send me a kind note {I love those most of all} please do send it my way to

All that said, here’s my email contact once more:


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